Simple steps to create the perfect ’messy’ hair

If you are like me and always pushed for time in the mornings, but want that effortlessly chic, ‘I just woke up like this’ hair, here a few of my top tips and tricks for quick and easy movement and texture.


1 Don’t brush your hair after washing it.

I know this may sound alien to some of you, and is equivalent to not showering when it comes to a morning routine, but trust me it works… (if you love a hair brush, do it in the shower with the conditioner)

Dry the hair in a towel, and then scrunch the ends up with a towel or your hands, when the hair is 50% dry, add a 50p size blob of Bumble and Bumble ‘Don’t Blow it”, scrunching into the mid lengths and ends.

Leave to air dry, occasionally re scrunching with your hands.


2 Let your hair air dry or rough dry until 80% dry.  Then holding sections of hair, direct the nossle onto part of the section to create a bend in the hair…. Watch this quick video tutorial….

3 Don’t tell my Mother but I always find going to bed with damp hair a real winner in the volume department… sometimes I can wake up a little crazy looking, but there is always a lot of movement and texture.  Then, I take a size 31inch barrel tong and wave a few sections through the top in random directions… Voila…. A little bit of tamed, defined waves mixed in with some texure and volume.

Victoria Ralph